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Eight Treasure Pudding


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Eight Treasure Puddings



  1. This is the Chinese version of the upside down pudding/cake.
  2. I usually make a few, have one immediately, give some away and freeze the rest to enjoy at a later stage.


 3/4 cup of glutinous rice

1/4 cup sweet red bean paste

10 canned lotus seeds

5 Chinese red dates

10 peanuts

10 longan or white raisins

15 brown raisins

Some candied lemon peel, chopped finely

Some candied orange peel, chopped finely

1 tablespoon of lard or equivalent


bulletSoak all the dry ingredients (red dates, peanuts, longan, lemon and orange peels).
bulletSoak the glutinous rice for at least 2 hours before using.
bulletWash the glutinous rice thoroughly.
bulletPlace in a deep pot with equal quantity of cold water.
bulletBring it to the boil and cook for 3 minutes until the water is absorbed.
bulletReduce the heat to low, cover pot with lid and cook slowly for another 10 minutes.
bulletRemove the cooked rice to a bowl and stir in the lard or equivalent.
bulletGrease the pudding bowl.
bulletLine the bowl with a thin layer of the cooked glutinous rice and arrange the 8 treasures using your own design like an upside down pudding.
bulletCover the fruits and nuts with a layer of the glutinous rice.
bulletSpread on an even layer of the red bean paste.
bulletCover the red bean paste with the rest of the cooked rice.
bulletSteam the pudding for at least 2 hours.
bulletInvert the steamed pudding onto the serving plate. Just before serving, pour the loquat syrup over it. (Note: sugar syrup can be used instead).