19th Century Chinese community of Creswick, Victoria

750 Name Partial Extract of Chinese Names Associated with Creswick and Surrounding Satellite Communities. The parent database has been compiled from research conducted by the Chinese Heritage Interest Network into the social history of the 19th Century Chinese community of Creswick, Victoria.

Note that none of the names on the list is anglicised or changed in any way from the form in which they appear in the original records. In our organisations's Master Database the name is linked to the event/context in which it arose.    In our research, we have found that the recording of names is rarely consistent even in the same records or even when the name is recorded within a 24 hour period. This means that concrete identification of an individual is very challenging and the serious researcher needs multiple sources to convince oneself that one has nailed down the searched name.  If one has access to the name written in Chinese, then the process of narrowing the search is easier, and perhaps much more precise.  For example, our research organisation was able to use this method to co-relate the name of a person who made a significant contribution to the building of the See Yup Temple (Sic) in South Melbourne and the name on a headstone found in the Creswick Cemetery.  
When sufficient detail of the name has survived, and we decide we have a person of interest, we do undertake separate analysis based on possible transliteration errors and also likely dialect spoken (e.g. Hoisan) and its corresponding accent - as this also influences what the recorder has "heard" as distinct from what the individual said his name was. Also many of the names are aliases used while in Australia, most can be correlated to naturalisation records only with a great amount of effort, and a healthy serving of luck. Sadly the naturalisation papers rarely provide more than a likely birth date and the ship the person arrived on, it does not include the name of the village from which they originated - just records either the province (if you are lucky) or the point at which the individual boarded the ship ie. Hong Kong.
Note that names with an "Ah" prefix are effectively nicknames, significantly they effectively conceal clan associations and other family linkages.
If readers are interested to hear more about fun with Chinese names in records etc, our research organisation would be happy to discuss this matter with further.


A Choo

Ah Cow, John

Ah Hon

A Hoong

Ah Cowie

Ah Hong

A Lick

Ah Cue

Ah Hop

A Nam

Ah Fan

Ah Hort

A Och

Ah Fang

Ah Houng

A Sung

Ah Fat

Ah How

A Tong Hang

Ah Fay

Ah Hoy

A Tscaw

Ah Fe

Ah Huc

A Young

Ah Fee

Ah Hun

Ack Wah

Ah Few

Ah Hung

Act Bing

Ah Fie

Ah Ite

Ag Ki

Ah Fing

Ah Kan

Ah Ack

Ah Fong

Ah Kay

Ah An

Ah Foo

Ah Kean

Ah Boi

Ah Fook

Ah Kee

Ah Bow

Ah Foon

Ah Ken

Ah Cham

Ah Fou

Ah Kero

Ah Chang

Ah Foy (alias Chung Looey)

Ah Kew

Ah Chaw

Ah Fuck

Ah Key

Ah Chee

Ah Fun

Ah Kidd

Ah Cheeq

Ah Fung

Ah Kim

Ah Chen

Ah Fut

Ah Kin

Ah Cheong

Ah Gawn

Ah King

Ah Cheung

Ah Gee

Ah Kit

Ah Chin

Ah Ghin

Ah Kitt

Ah Ching

Ah Gie

Ah Kock

Ah Choe

Ah Gin

Ah Kon

Ah Chonee

Ah Ging

Ah Kong

Ah Chook

Ah Gip

Ah Koo

Ah Choon

Ah Gonnee

Ah Kooe

Ah Chong

Ah Gooie

Ah Koon

Ah Chong, Annie

Ah Goon

Ah Kong

Ah Chongh

Ah Goong

Ah Kow

Ah Chou

Ah Gunn

Ah Kue

Ah Chow

Ah Ham

Ah Kull

Ah Chue

Ah Hang

Ah Kye

Ah Chuck

Ah Haw

Ah Lang

Ah Chuck, Mary

Ah Hee

Ah Leay

Ah Chun

Ah Hein

Ah Lee

Ah Chung

Ah Hen

Ah Lek

Ah Chung, Maria

Ah Hi

Ah Leong

Ah Chung, Mrs

Ah Hik

Ah Let

Ah Cock

Ah Him

Ah Lett

Ah Con

Ah Hin

Ah Lin

Ah Conce

Ah Hit

Ah Ling

Ah Cooe

Ah Him

Ah Linn

Ah Cooey

Ah Hin

Ah Lit

Ah Cook

Ah Hing

Ah Lock

Ah Coon

Ah Ho

Ah Lom

Ah Cow

Ah Home

Ah Long

Ah Loon

Ah Shin

Ah Wa

Ah Lop

Ah Shing

Ah Wah

Ah Louey

Ah Sim

Ah Wan

Ah Low

Ah Sin

Ah Wang

Ah Loy

Ah Sing

Ah Wau

Ah Luck

Ah Shock

Ah Way

Ah Lucy

Ah Shong

Ah We

Ah Lui

Ah Shoon

Ah Wee

Ah Lum

Ah Shue

Ah Why

Ah Lung

Ah Shung

Ah Win

Ah Luong

Ah Shute

Ah Wing

Ah Man

Ah Slick

Ah Won

Ah Marr

Ah Soe

Ah Wong

Ah Maw

Ah Song

Ah Woo

Ah Mee

Ah Song

Ah Wy

Ah Mie

Ah Soo

Ah Yam

Ah Ming

Ah Soon

Ah Yea

Ah Ming, Ellen

Ah Sow

Ah Yea, Jane

Ah Minn

Ah Sue

Ah Yeah

Ah Mon

Ah Sue

Ah Yean

Ah Mooey

Ah Suey

Ah Yeen

Ah Moon

Ah Sun

Ah Yeh

Ah Mow

Ah Sung

Ah Yen

Ah Nee

Ah Taching

Ah Yen, Jimmy

Ah Nin

Ah Tack

Ah Yep

Ah On

Ah Tah

Ah Yet

Ah One

Ah Tam

Ah Yick

Ah Ong

Ah Tan

Ah Yin

Ah Pack

Ah Tang

Ah Ying

Ah Pet

Ah Tap

Ah Yinn

Ah Ping

Ah Tee

Ah Yip

Ah Po

Ah The Ow

Ah Yong

Ah Pong

Ah Teun

Ah Yong

Ah Poo

Ah Tew

Ah You

Ah Poo, James

Ah Thew

Ah You, Emily

Ah Pooay

Ah Thi (Lin)

Ah Young

Ah Pow

Ah Thin

Ah Young, James

Ah Pow, James

Ah Thong

Ah Yuck

Ah Poy

Ah Tie

Ah Yue

Ah Puck

Ah Tim

Ah Yuk

Ah Qua

Ah Tin

Ah Yung

Ah Quack

Ah Tip

Ah Yup

Ah Quan

Ah Ton


Ah Quay

Ah Tong

Aik Ming

Ah Que

Ah Tong, James

Air Yee

Ah Quee

Ah Tong, William


Ah Quey

Ah Too

An Fet

Ah Quinn

Ah Took

An Ring

Ah Sam

Ah Toon

An Yung

Ah Sam, William

Ah Toon, Kate

Ang Gui

Ah Sang

Ah Toos

Ang Hui

Ah Savee

Ah Towie

Ang Luly

Ah Schun

Ah Toy

Ang Shenick

Ah See

Ah Tuck


Ah Sem

Ah Twing

An Ring

Ah Sep

Ah Tye

Appoo Mason

Ah Sick

Ah Un

Ascow, John

Ah Shim

Ah Une


At Te

Fan Kur

Hoc Man


Fan Toch

Hoh Lin

Au Wah

Fang Chui

Hoi Chong

Bak Foon

Fanny Kay

Hok Song

Ban Bing

Fen Coy

Hok Tye


Fhu Yong

Hon Yip


Fing Le Hing

Hop Lee

Can Fee

Flag Lock

Hop Lee

Carry Ah Teon

Fon Ah Ah

Hop Lung

Chang Ah Yow

Fong Foo

Hop Yik

Chang Kee Gun

Fong Lin

Hoong Che

Chat Fat

Fong Pui


Check Fong

Fong You

Hong Gong

Chee Tak

Foo Sue

Hong Gong, Mrs


Fook Sing

Hong Wha

Chew Chuck

Foon Tye

Hong Why

Chew Litt

Fou You

Hong Yet

Chin Chin

Fou Young

Hong You

Chin Hong

Fow Tow

Hop Lik

Chin Jin

Foy Fat

How Can

Chin Kit

Fun How

How Fee

Ching Ah Ling

Gee Ah Gin

How Sow

Ching Kee Ho

Gee Guy

Hun Lui

Chue Key

Gee Hik

Hung Lung

Chin Chue

Gee Mok

Hung Duee

Chin You Gip

Gee Whi Fong

Hung Hing

Ching Ah Tung


Hung Kee

Ching Chong

Gong Hui

Hung Yong, W.

Ching Fun


Hung You

Ching Hung


Jan Long

Ching Quot

Hae Fong

Jan Mee

Cho Fan

Hap Lee

Jer Why

Chock Funt

Han Ah Sun

Jimmy Fin

Cho San Long

Han Kwe

Jin Nuy

Chon Lee Fap

Hang Fa Chom


Chong Fee Chen

Hang Ghien

Jun Wah

Chong Fun Chu

Hang Kee

Kay Young

Chong Snig Fong

Hang Suey

Kee How

Chong Wah

Hang Wah

Kee Kee

Chong Wing

Hannie Fay, Mrs

Kee Non

Chow Lane

Hannie Kay

Kee Ting

Chow Pih

He Ping

Key Sick

Chum Yeat

He Shang

Key Oh

Chun Luin

He Wa

Key Wong

Chung Ah Pew

Hen Kay

Ki Leech

Chung Looey (alias Ah Foy)

Heong Chen

Ki Sam

Chung You

Hin Chen Wing

Ki To

Chung Yung

Hin Chin

Kim Sun

Com Yee


Kin Ching

Cong Hui

Hing Mon

Kin Len

Cong Lam

Hing Tam

Kin Loo

Cong Long

Hing Wah

King Chick

Cong Toey

Hing You

King Cow

Cum How

Hing Yung

King Goon

Cun Fong

Hing Yung, Bridget

King Hock

Dack Ping


King Hong

Don Pon

Ho Chow

King How

Fan Cho

Ho Lo

King Kock

King Suey

Mi Noke

Sen Wah Fat

King Wah

Min Chung


Kock Pen

Min Kin

Shah Lee

Kon Lung

Min Yong

Sam Hup

Kong Fong

Ming Kwong

Shan Hing

Kong Sam

Ming She


Kong You

Mon Goon

Shee Fook

Koon Fen

Mong Ging

Shee Ong

Koong Hock

Mow Goon

Shen Kee

Kow Ham

My Yen

Shin Your

Kowng Ye Goone

Nang Qing

Shing Dooey

Kum Yui

Ni Fat

Shon Min

Kwong U.

Nin Sing

Shu Nu Wagh

Ky Foo

No Savee

Shung Tho


Nu Gee, Daniel

Sien My Yip

Lam Yuk

Nu King, Edward

Si Chen

Lee Ah You

Nug Aug

Si Chew

Lee Gong

Ny Gooey

Si Chin

Lee Hong Gip

O Kong

Si Ghee

Lee Hong Gong

Ong Gui

Si Juong

Lee Hop

O Wha

Si Lee

Lee Lap

On Yep

Si Lin

Lee Loo Young

One Kit

Si Que

Lee Yen

Pac Tong

Sim Com Loon

Lee You

Pack Ten

Sim Com On

Leowe Sue

Pang Nam

Sin Ah Kin

Lew Ah Mo

Pey Qui

Sin Ah Lee

Lew Ah Tong

Ping Fong

Sin Ah Yen

Lew Suey

Ping Fowk

Sin Hap Sin

Lim Wah

Pin Que/Ping Que/Pin Quay

Sin Look

Lin Sing

Poh Yanna

Sin Me Yun

Lin Shun

Pon Chui

Sin Moon Goon

Lo Si Cong

Pon Shoe

Sin Wah

Long Lee

Poy Hing

Sing Chee Fung

Long Hearng, Mrs

Pung Pin

Sing Chee Hung

Long Wah

Quan Fat

Sing Chung

Loo Ching, Annie

Quan Hunch

Sing Foon

Loo Ching, Fung Laned

Quan Main

Sing Gong

Loo Ching, William

Quang Toon

Sing Jar Hing

Loon Hou

Que Hem

Sing Kue

Low Ghee

Quik Soon

Sing Moon

Loy Lang

Quock Ping

Sing Song

Lug Ah Kue


Sing Tong

Lun Chung Gun

Quon Fat

Snig You Hing

Lun Heang

Quon Que

Sow Kee

Lun Kill

Quong Wah

Sow Wei

Lung Yeah

Rongin Fong

Sam Loir

M. Yung

Sam Jon

Suan Yet


Sam Tack

Sue On

Mah Ah Kee

Sam Wah

Sui Sing

Man King

San Yong

Sum Cum Au

Maung Gin

Sang Gee Guy

Sum Cum Loong

Maw You

Sangley Hing Long

Sum Lee

Me Hing

Sau Quan Lee

Sum Yuk

Me Sang

Say Yep

Sung Lee

Mee Sang, Thomas

See Hop

Sun Lay Hop

Men Tak

See Ong

Sun Lee

Mi No

See Si

Sun One Lye

Tha You

Wang Ah King

Ya Ken


Wang Ah Mow

Yah Kam

Tieh How

Wang Ah Sen

Yah Kew

Tim Hock

Wau Hop

Yam Fang

Tip Gee

Wau You, Eliza

Yan Sand

To Kit

Wee Chin

Yan Sow

Tong Siang

Wee Ching


Too King

Wee Kall

Yen Goo

Too Lom

Wei Tin


Took Suey


Yeu Yen


Wha Chin

Yew Sing

Tow She

Wha Lung

Yick Cow


Whee Chin

Yo Chok

Tuck Foo

Who Hop

Yon Hang

Tung Heang

Wi Tin

Yong Hang

Tye How

Win Lap

Yong Yeng

Un Yep

Win Ohi (Mrs)

You Chin

Ung Ur

Win Quen

You Hang

Uung Yip

Wing Hap

You Lee

Wah Ching

Wing Hop

You See

Wah Hop

Wing Lung

You Shung

Wah Kee

Wing Tye

You Sow

Wah Ming Tack

Wing Yung/Young

You Sung

Wah Pow

Won Kit

Yu Chuk

Wah Ree

Won Sing

Yu Hung

Whan You, E

Wong Ah Shute

Yum Ang

Wan Kit

Wong Yeat