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This page captures some of the research activities undertaken by our Organisation.  The researches are at various stages of maturity.  For ease of navigation around the web site, we have grouped related topics of a given Town or District by its name most often searched by scholars or researchers alike.   In the above boxes we have listed Towns where our Organisation contributed to the preservation of "things of Chinese Heritage".


For the interest of visitors, we share with you our Research Programme.  If your interests coincide with ours, we welcome you contacting us as there is nothing more satisfying than sharing.

  1. Booklets on Lives & Times of the Chinese in the goldfields

  2.  Pioneer Chinese food and recipes: a growing collection of traditional food enjoyed by the pioneers, their descendents and connoisseurs of good food.

  3.  Creswick Chinese Cemetery: Headstone restoration

  4.   Beyond gold: tobacco, market garden, fish drying, international trade

  5.  The hands that rock the cradle: A tribute to mothers, grandmothers and close relatives who helped bring up a family against all odds.

  6.   Chinese Creswick Pioneer Trails

  7. The Peter Lalor Connection

  8.   Heritage Sites Registration

  9. The non SiYi (四邑) perspective: Chinese pioneers who did not come from the SiYi District, e.g. the pre Gold Rush wave of migrants from the Fujian Province (福建省).

  10. Names changed by descendents of Chinese pioneers

  11. Diaspora, localisation and fusion of Chinese food

  12. The "Q" Question: Urban myth?

  13. Chinese Names encountered in heritage research the "Ah" question

  14. In Search of Ballarat Herbalists

  15. 中 國 漁 夫 晒 鹹 魚 鄉: The Fish Drying Industry in Port Albert

  16. Mixed Marriage Index: 1850 to Federation